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Introducing Taylor Hobson’s Surtronic R-series

High speed roundness systems for bearings, automotive and precision industries Surtronic R-series

A range of roundness products robust enough for shop floor but accurate enough for any inspection room.

Working closely with manufacturers across a wide range of industries including precision bearings, automotive and aerospace engineering Taylor Hobson have focused on the key attributes that are most important for quality control in today’s precision industries

The new Surtronic R100/R105 of instruments offer a flexible solution for all your roundness and form requirements with a variety of systems and application specific accessories and fixtures that can be tailored to your specific need.

The most important benefit these systems offer is speed. In precision industries as manufacturing volumes increase all too often the bottleneck is metrology. High measurement throughput systems ensures higher sampling rates can be achieved while supporting increased manufacturing volumes.

Although many times faster than traditional benchtop roundness systems there is no loss of precision or accuracy. Full ISO compliant measurements can be taken with +/-25 nm spindle accuracy and 6nm gauge resolution (30nm for R100/R105)

All systems are designed for constant 24 hour, 7 days a week use in demanding shop floor environments; manufactured using only the most durable and hard wearing materials.

Ease of Use
The X-sight touch screen software platform with intuitive navigation make the Surtronic roundness system as easy to use as a SatNav with everything you need at your fingertips.

World’s highest throughput roundness system…

  • Increase manufacturing output 
  • Ensure part traceability 
  • Reduce part scrappage Improve ‘right first time’

Talyrond 131C

The Talyrond 131c is an afforable roundness cylindricity measuring instrument capable of automated operation of both its radial arm and vertical column. The system uses an air bearing spindle with full centre and level capability mounted on a cast iron base, the instruments small footprint allows it to be bench mounted and situated either in the laboratory or on the shopfloor.

Taylor Hobson's Ultra software allows the user to create programs and like most of Taylor Hobson's roundness range a simplified user interface can be provided, this facility is particuarly useful in multi part measurement and reduces the need for training.

  • High precision air bearing spindle with roundness accuracies to +/- 0.02um
  • Talymin 5 gauge mechanism with 2mm range 
  • CNC operated motorised radial arm and column 
  • Fast manual centre and level capabilty 
  • Windows based Ultra roundness software with measurement capability to national and international standards

Hand Held Surtronic Range

The Surtronic range of products combines advanced technology with accuracy and value to give effective measurement of surface finish in the workshop, inspection room or laboratory. Portable and flexible, the Surtronic range is ideal for measuring a wide range of components even if they are inaccessible or difficult to move.

Surtronic 25

This new edition of the long-standing surtronic range brings a large display with the simplest of menu structures and most up-to-date parameters. Its mechanical rigidity and styli have firm reputation for giving reliable and repeatable surface finish measurements across a wide range of applications.

The surtronic 25 is battery powered and offers total portability. The instrument can be used either freestanding [on horizontal, vertical or even inverted surfaces] or bench mounted with fixturing for batch measurement and laboratory applications.

This accurate and reliable instrument offers complete flexibility and simplicity:

  • Parameter options to suit your application 
  • Fast measurement cycle 
  • Intuitive menu structure 
  • Unique stylus lift mechanism for total flexibility 
  • Long traverse length and extended pick-up reach 
  • Comprehensive range of accessory & pick-up reach 
  • Powerful software option 
  • Worldwide technical support

Surtronic Duo

A portable tool for checking surface roughness.

Surtronic Duo is a battery powered, portable surface roughness measurement instrument capable of checking multiple parameters in a single trace. surtronic duo measures Ra at the touch of a button and shows the result on a large LCD window.

Cycle time is about 5 seconds and result is saved until another measurement is taken.

Surtronic Duo features:

  • There is no setting up or programming of the device. 
  • It is ready to use out of the box. 
  • Operator training is not required. 
  • Battery life is 5000 measurements minimum.

Surtronic Duo uses an infra-red [IrDA] link between the upper and lower units to provide remote, cable free operation up to a distance of one meter.

Surtronic Duo: Reference code 112/3115-01

Basic roughness parameters Ra and Rz plus advances parameters Rp, Rv and Rt.


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