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On-Site Calibrations
Whilst all calibrations listed in the scope can be carried out in the laboratory, some calibrations are best carried out on-site, saving time and minimising production downtime. Calibrated and certified Laboratory equipment and documented procedures are used for all on-site calibrations, giving the client a valid, traceable calibration result.

Items calibrated on-site include: Micrometers, Callipers, DTI's, Height Gauges, Surface Plates, Optical Projectors, Co-Ordinate Measuring Machines  and Machine Tools.

CMM Measurement Service
METCAL provides a 3 dimensional measurement and reverse engineering service using two high accuracy ABERLINK CMM. The measuring machines are housed in a temperature and humidity controlled environment of 20ºC ±1ºC and relative humidity 55% ±10%. Measurement volume is 400mm x 500mm x 600mm with capacity in the Y axis extending to 3000mm using special stepping techniques. The CMM is utilised for inspecting jigs and fixtures used in jet engine overhaul, complex components, and plastic mould cavities.

Calibration and Measurement
Customers can submit to the laboratory, all types of engineers measuring equipment and standards for calibration. This work is carried out to Customer Quality Requirements or to appropriate International Standards within agreed time frames. Urgent work can be undertaken on request, often with a “same day” turn around. Equipment includes: callipers, micrometers, indicators, linear probes, height gauges, tapes, dip tapes, rulers, force gauges, durometers, gauge blocks, thread gauges, setting standards, reference standards, special gauges.

If any item is found to be faulty or non conforming, METCAL can offer a tailored solution so that the item is returned fully functional and conforming to specification with minimal extension to lead time. “As Found” and “As Left” results are provided for all work undertaken. Solutions include: new replacement equipment, repair/refurbishment or re manufacture.

Metcal can measurement most jigs, fixtures and components to manufacturing drawings using contact and non contact methods. Measurement of moulded components, pressed components or machined components can be undertaken in accordance with customer quality requirements. Gauge R&R studies can be provided as supporting information if required.

Please refer to the current Scope of Accreditation below for more detailed information on our capability (pdf icon at bottom of page).

A refurbishment facility is offered for items such as angle plates, vee blocks, engineers parallels, squares, straightedges, engineers levels, angle gauges, jigs, fixtures and most types of aircraft and jet engine tooling. The laboratory also specialises in the repair, adjustment and calibration of Computerised Height Gauges manufactured by Eley Metrology, Trimos and Tesa.

Services Offered

  • Roundness; Flatness; Straightness; Angle; Surface Texture; Length; Threads - all features. 
  • Calibration of Engineers Measuring Equipment; Reference Artifacts; Gauges; CMM spheres; CMM's; 2D Height Gauges; Tachometers; Durometers; Force Gauges; Test Sieves; Coating Integrity. 
  • Measurement of Jet Engine Tooling; Jigs; Fixtures; Tooling; Components; Horizontal & Vertical SAE Proving Rotors. 
  • Refurbishment of Tooling, Jigs and Fixtures, Gauges, and Surface Plate Accessories. 
  • CMM Measurement Service 
  • CAA, FAA compliant certificates 
  • All measurements directly traceable to NIST USA, NPL UK, and MSL NZ


Download PDF file - Calibration of CMM and Accessories Downloadable PDF file - Calibration of CMM and Accessories - 100KB
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CMM inspection of a pressed plate Screw Plug Gauge Calibration Test Sieve Calibration

Scope of Accreditation
METCAL continously reviews its scope of accreditation with regard to meeting customer requirements. 
The scope is extensive, covering most aspects of dimensional calibration and measurement including speed measuring devices, force, and rubber hardness instruments (durometers).  

IANZ accreditation

To view METCAL's scope of accreditation, visit the IANZ website at, or download the PDF file.

For items not listed in the scope please contact the laboratory manager directly. 

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